Berkshire Hathaway is known today as one of the most successful and consistently performing companies in the world. From 1965–2016, a single dollar invested in BH would have yielded a gain of more than 884,000 percent compared with just under 13,000 percent for the S&P 500. BH is also synonymous with its CEO, Warren Buffett, and perhaps more so with its annual meetings where Buffett, along with Charlie Munger, would dispel wisdom and answer questions on all kinds of issues. Early meetings in the mid-1980s were cozy affairs with only about 300 attendees. Almost 30 years later, more than 44,000…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made enormous strides in the last several years both due to the advent of technologies such as deep learning, and the cost-effectiveness and pervasiveness of supporting infrastructures, such as the evolution of GPUs, cloud computing, and open datasets and software. In a number of well-defined and significant tasks, including face recognition, machine translation and question answering, achieving or even crossing human-level performance is considered inevitable by mainstream researchers. The question naturally arises, what next?

Mayank Kejriwal

I am a research assistant professor at the University of Southern California, with expertise at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and society.

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